Reindeer Burner Bundle

Reindeer Burner Bundle

1x burner 6x 90g scents 6x Tealights

* Winter Glow - Yankee - A crisp scent of frosted leaves on snow-covered evergreen trees with a subtle mint undertone to remind you of the festive period.

* Night Before Christmas - a rich warm spicy cinnamon orange fragrance that is sure to put you in the Christmas spirit.

* Jingle Bells - a fruity fragrance of freshly picked ripe blackberries and cut stems sitting on a heart of grape, mint and raspberry with base notes of dry cedarwood that will help to put you into the festive spirit.

* Cinnamon & Vanilla - a sweet mouth watering scent of vanilla and cinnamon with hints of caramelised sugar and ginger.

* Santa's Little Helper - fluffy marshmallow, walnut cream, cashmere, cedarwood and a helping of caramel. An all time Christmas classic.

* Under The Mistletoe - an enchanting romantic fragrance with top notes of citrus, middle notes of Jasmine, oriental undertone, orchid, floral and pine and bottom notes of Spicy cinnamon and woody bark.

*mulled wine

*pixie dust

*snowkissed lodge

*goldenberries and frankincense

*snow fairy